10 reasons why the soccer world cup is haraam

by Amien on Monday, May 24th, 2010
  • 10. The referee does not say Bismillah before blowing the opening whistle for kick off.
  • 9. Shakira is singing the official song and not Junaid Jamshed.
  • 8. The proposed Ashruf Ali Thanvi Eid Gah Stadium was turned down and Moses Mabhida was chosen instead.
  • 7. The Soccer ball is not SANHA approved.
  • 6. When you steal the ball by fouling you get a red card, but you do not get any lashes.
  • 5. It is biased against Muslims because only one Muslim country is being represented. And they aren't even the ones who make sujood after every goal.
  • 4. There is a possibility that you will be having fun and as you know, having fun is haraam.
  • 3. It is sponsored by Greedy, Immoral capitalistic companies like Hyundai. (Toyota would have been ok because they make the Camry and the Corolla)
  • 2. The Vuvuzela is the Shaitaani equivalent of the trumpet that Israfeel will blow on the day of Qiyamaat.
  • And the number one reason why the World Cup is haraam..

    Hashim Amla does not play soccer.
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